Michelle McFarlane
Photographic Artist

Melbourne, Australia

Email: photo@michellemcfarlane.com


Commercial website: mmpstudio.com.au

Wet ā€˜nā€™ Wild:
Party Gets a Rain-check

South Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia

5th March 2022

February 2022. Stranded by 14-meter-high raging floodwaters on a rural property alone, I endured nine long days without power, clean water, or communication. As the waters subsided, I ventured into Lismore for supplies, oblivious to the chaos that awaited. As I stood in shock, a singular moment emerged, a woman called for my attention, offering a glimpse into the community's indomitable spirit. This photograph encapsulates their unshakeable strength and infectious humour, a testament to their refusal to let the party be washed away.